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A guest is invited to work with a group of actors on a specific area of voice acting. These sessions are customized to the guests' expertise and experience, and adhere to the materials and curriculum they bring to the session.Examples:
|| Boy Voice Workshop
|| Notes from Casting
|| Q&A with Directors
|| Meet the Agent
|| Video Game Workshop
|| Grounded Performances
|| Anime ADR Workshop
Each session will vary from one to the other. Please read all communications carefully.Typically three to four hours long.


Each actor is entitled to at least three performances of the chosen script: the initial take brought to the session, followed by two more directions and/or adjustments.The director in the session may request additional takes from the actor, should they choose to.No teaching is expected to take place, as the purpose of the session is to exercise the actors' craft. The director, however, may provide constructive criticism should they choose to.A brief Q&A session takes place at the end of the session.Typically three hours long.


An invited guest(s) presents relevant and impactful information.All attendees are expected to turn their microphones off in order to allow the speaker an uninterrupted presentation.Discussions take place via the chat throughout the session.A brief Q&A takes place at the end of the session.Typically two hours long.

About June

|| Theatre Arts Educator, Director, & Producer 2005 - 2017
|| B.A. & California Teaching Credential in theatre arts education
|| Voice Actor & Entrepreneur since 2016
|| Agency Representation in LA, across the country, and the world
|| Private Coaching:
|| Voice Acting:

CANCELLATION POLICYYou may cancel anytime.II ACTOR - refunds are only offered 48 hours prior to the session.
II OBSERVER - refunds are not offered for observer seats.


Welcome! The scripts below are intentionally devoid of specs in order to encourage you to make strong and bold contextual choices.They are provided to everyone who attends/have attended StudioNPC sessions. You may use these for personal practice and study only. Do not use in demos/samples or distribute to others in any way.Craft an authentic, compelling, and engaging moment in your story - and we’ll see you in the session. 💪


Thank you for registering for an observer seat!
On the date and time of the session, simply head to
You'll receive another reminder in your email a day before the session.
Please have your camera and microphone turned OFF throughout the session.
Any questions? DM or email anytime! Looking forward to having with you!